”Ben and his crew worked on our beloved family home to expand the livable space by building an addition into our old carport. I worked with Ben from the beginning in creating the plans to best utilize the additional space. Ben had great insight into how to design the layout and where tolocate all of the features we wanted to include. Ben was also great at listening to my own ideas and desires and working that into the plan as well.

We lived in our home during the renovation and everyone working for Ben was absolutely wonderful. We have two small kids and a dog and everyone was safe and secure during the whole project. Our needs were always thought of and we were surprisingly unaffected by a whole exterior wall of our house being opened up. The crew also worked while we were away on vacation and I felt confident and safe with both our home being in their hands without us and also in their ability to makedecisions without us.

Some particular appreciation of Ben’s services:

  1. His attention to detail is immaculate. All the little details were thought of on each project, no matter the size.
  2. Ben was super flexible and accommodating with us continuously adding projects to his list. He always let us know how it would affect both the price and the timeline, keeping us informed on how our project progressed.
  3. Ben was incredibly professional and organized. His invoices each month were very detailed and I always could tell exactly what we were paying for each month.
  4. Ben allowed us to be as hands-on as we desired. He clearly stated what was needed for us to move forward if we were going to tackle certain aspects ourself.
  5. The very few small concerns I had were quickly remedied by Ben and his crew. I felt comfortable both voicing my concern and thrilled in how they were approached and fixed. 

Our home is now one bedroom larger and excitingly, one bathroom richer. We whole heartedly recommend Ben the Builder. Our addition is exactly what we were hoping for and couldn’t have been completed by anyone better then Ben. We are anticipating more projects in the future and hopeful we can rely on Ben to tackle them.” 

Amy in Talent 

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